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I'm 21 years too late to be on Newgrounds...

2016-03-03 00:47:34 by DatFMCobalion

...but here I am.

Not many know this, but back as early as 2001, the earliest I recall being on the internet, flash games were a fun time. Well, any programming medium is good for making games, really, but flash was the prime choice back in even in the days of dial-up. But little did I know that flash was also a grand old medium for cartoons. I wouldn't learn until 2008 when I was introduced to the first cartoon I ever saw made in flash: Happy Tree Friends. The following year, I got introduced to another flash cartoon: Foamy the Squirrel. That was something that sparked visions in my head: a simpler way to bring about fun images. Of course, that was six years ago, and I cannot say my time on the internet has been kind to me, but what do you expect? This was one of the main communicators of our generation and the generation following us. That really is the beauty of the internet. But I digress...

But seriously, I'd be willing to shell out whatever amount I need to cut my teeth on Flash. Honestly, my first foray into getting interested in flash was back in 2010 seeing some cartoons. But of course, I don't know anything really. I only know animation is never easy (which is why it's something that was outsourced long before outsourcing became a major hot button in 2004). But I'm still willing to dive in to experience what it's like to bring the numerous visions out of my head and onto communicable media. Of course, the only thing standing in my way is my dangerous vice of procrastination. But nevermind that! I never would have bothered to start if I wasn't interested.

So who was it that made me think "I wanna try to do this?" Simple. The aforementioned Foamy the Squirrel, made by cartoonist/musician/all-around real-talker Jonathan Ian Mathers, and also, of course, the Egoraptor himself, Arin Hanson. See, Arin has that charisma and attitude that is like a Rolex watch: really nice, but impossible to copy. The numerous people I see on YouTube, DeviantArt, and occasionally Tumblr just amaze me in how they are able to entertain and amuse. Some are more arrogant than others, but to each his own. I look up to people who interest me because I'm sure they feel the same way I do: at the same time you are inspired by those before you, you wish to inspire those coming in.

Now as the title will no doubt say, I am far too latebreaking to inspire at the volume of early adopters, but that's what life is. You can't always expect to start new trends, especially since I could care less for the latest trends. But being first doesn't matter, as you can no doubt tell. Even YouTubers had to learn this hard lesson. The pursuit for fame and recognition has not changed one bit from the early days of Hollywood. It's merely changed mediums. The pain is still the same, and it's still more hollow than an abandoned grocery store. You see, the pursuit of fame and the pursuti of happiness almost never overlap. People think fame is the best, but that's because you only see the exterior of glamor and admiration. Experience that every day non-stop and with incessant noise, flashing lights, and mindless chatter, and it grows to become something one absolutely hates. You don't want that.

Everyone has to learn this lesson eventually. I did back in 2010. I will never forget it. I don't want to forget it. In fact, one of the reasons I'm unsettled by death is because all the knowledge I've gained over the years will be lost to the sands of time. But now that I know this hard lesson, the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. Of course, the entire solar system is straddling my shoulders, but you have no idea how much of a relief it is to finally foucs on what's important: why you started to entertain. It's because people enjoyed your content, that's why. Maybe not everybody. Everyone likes what they like, and don't you forget it. And in the near future, I will put up my own content to try to show what I'm capable of. I might take hints from the greatest, but that's the power of inspiration. And of course, I seem to be a rare breed that desperately wishes to defect from the norm and distinugish myself: to become one in a million, not one of a million. I might definitely fail, of course, but in the end, it's all about if I had fun. That is the true human pursuit: the pursuit of happiness.


Wow, that was much more inspirational than I thought it would be. Well, I'm gonna go delve into relics of the internet now. Good night.




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